The forensim package for the free Rlogo statistical software is dedicated to forensic DNA mixtures interpretation. forensim provides:
  • Simulation tools allowing the generation of genetic data commonly encountered in forensic casework:
    • Population allele frequencies
    • Individual genotypes
    • DNA mixtures
  • Interpretation of complex STR reults (LTDNA samples):
    • A maximum likelihood estimator for the number of contributors to a mixture.
    • The random man non excluded probability.
    • Likelihood ratios for LTDNA samples with drop-out, drop-in, any number of contributors and replicates. Robustness studies are facilitated with Tippet plots.
  • The mastermix interface: A Tcl/Tk graphical user interface for simple DNA mixtures resolution using allele peak heights or areas information (Gill et al, Forensic Sci Int, 1998;91:41-5). This interface was previously implemented into an Excel macro by Prof. Peter Gill.

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Author: forensim is developed by Hinda Haned ( contact )
Remarks, suggestions and contributions are welcome!